Meet Our Team

Fall 2023

President : Jesse Choi

Vice president : Alex Lee , Matthew Joung

Treasurer : Jaden Jwa

Public Media Officer : Jenna Lee

Secretary : Ellen Pak

Summer 2023

President : Irene Lee

Vice president : Jesse Choi , Alex Lee

Secretary : Clair Kim

Treasurer : Matthew Joung

Spring 2023

President- Juri Kim

Vice President- Jesse Choi and Irene Lee

Secretary- Claire Kim

Publicist- Jamie Go

Treasurer- Matthew Lee


President : Hyojin Park

Vice president : Isabella Lim

Vice president : Juri Kim

Secretary : Irene lee

Publicist : Jesse Choi

Treasurer : Alex Lee

2021-22 HeartVision Board Members At Large

Election (7/5/2021)

President : Chloe Lee
Vice president of Operation : Eric Park
Director of operation : Juri Kim

Vice president of Media : Kate Jang
Director of Media : Claire Kim

Vice president of Finance : Isabella Lim
Director of Finance : Aaron Moon

Vice president of Events: Hyojin Park
Director of Events: Alex Lee

Vice president of Public Relations: Irene Lee
Director of Public Realtions : Lauren & Avery

HeartVision Club Policy